In the past 100 days, train doors have automatically opened four times on the wrong side—the one without the platform—leaving open the possibility customers could watch their step all the way down to the tracks. According to a new report by Meto, that’s four times in approximately 22 million, but still, “even one time is too many,” says Metro Rail Chief Dave Kubicek.

The solution? Drivers are now going to have to push a button to manually let people out and then push it again to close the doors instead of relying on the automatic function. That means the drivers will be hitting that sucker about 216,000 times a day—until sometime next year, when a new electronic component is installed on Metro’s 1,066 rail cars. Guess they’ll have the power to slam the door, too, on all those obnoxious kids who hold the doors instead of waiting for the next train.