1. Clinton Snags Unlikely D.C. Delegate Slot by Mike DeBonis

2. Newseum Roundup ($20 Admission Fee) by Erik Wemple

3. Washington Alt-Weekly Retracts Little-Noticed Story by Erik Wemple

4. Capitals Make Playoffs, History by Matt Borlik

5. Ghost of Caps/Flyers Past by Dave McKenna

6. Reasons to Move to Arlington: Karaoke and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches by Angela Valdez

7. Spitting on the Cars of Dipshit Driversby Matt Borlik

8. The Nationals: A Home Run for Real Estate Investors! by Jason Cherkis

9. Local Man Fights Terrorism, Designs Gay Underwear by Amanda Hess

10. Breaking: Fenty Likes to Wear T-Shirts From His Parents’ Store by Ruth Samuelson

Photo by chrisafer