Eve Zibart told mediabistro.com that she’s taking the buyout offer from Washington Post management.

This is not good news. Zibart’s been a food writer at the Post forever, but I’m too busy eating to read about food. So I haven’t read much of her later work.

But before forever — back in the 1970s! — she wrote about rock and roll. I was a paperboy for the Post for most of the decade, and I remember sitting on my stacks of Sunday papers before delivering ’em one morning in August 1978 and reading her feature story on the front of the Show section about Bruce Springsteen.

Eve had gone to a Michigan show and written about the experience. She made it all seem so exciting.

Springsteen was going to make his first Capital Centre appearance a couple days later (tickets were $8.80, he didn’t sell out), after a long, post-“Born to Run,” litigation-inspired hiatus from performing. And I was going to see him for the first time.

Springsteen was my Jonas Brothers back then, and up-to-date intelligence on your favorite rock stars was tough to come by. I saved Eve’s story, and still have it, brown and tattered.

If any article meant more to me before or since, I can’t think of it.