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The Times has a poignant story on the world hunger crisis. Can you actually imagine not being able to afford rice? One frightening possibility: hunger is showing the potential to make people angrier than religion.

Oh my God there was an earthquake in Illinois! Oh never mind, it was just a 5.4 and there’s no sign yet of serious damage.

Wow. People really love the pope. What I wanted to know was whether Base Line Brews was selling real beer. They weren’t—but I bet people would have bought some if they could. Catholics know how to have fun.

And now, Anacostia tracks the beige-ification of a beautiful red-brick building, and other mysteries of Anacostia Square.

Salon explains software that can help you remember everything, forever.

Yale defends student performance artist who claimed to have gotten pregnant just to expell the embryos with herbal abortificants. It was a hoax, designed to prove that we’re all a bunch of naive, embarrassed suckers when it comes to the female body.