1. The Unsung Hero of the Washington Post by Erik Wemple

2. Pope Performs Miracle In Brookland by Jason Cherkis

3. Is Curley Leaving WaPo Co.? by Erik Wemple

4. Hey, Will Someone Please Enter Our Fuckin’ Contest? by Jule Banville

5. No Dancing at the Jefferson Memorial by Angela Valdez

6. R.I.P. Robert Michael Reed by Jason Cherkis (Black Plastic Bag)

7. How Do You Like Them Apples? by Ted Scheinman (Black Plastic Bag)

8. Win The Deluxe City Paper Prize Pack! by Darrow Montgomery

9. Best Slam of “Best Of”: DCRTV Dave Takes Off the Gloves by Dave McKenna

10.‘My Life Was Ruined By a Catholic Priest’ by Arin Greenwood

Photo by petit hiboux—-génial!