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* Hey, can I get a transfer? Former metro official Marcia Anderson will appear before court today to answer to charges of stealing half a million dollars in metro cards and bus tokens [via The Post].

* Happy Administrative Professionals Week (formerly Secretaries Day). Why Slate’s Melonyce McAfee hates this:

The confusion over who qualifies as a secretary creates social anxiety about either over-celebrating the holiday or under-celebrating it … Mail-room guy, copy clerk, typist, receptionist, administrative secretary, executive assistant—are you low enough on the totem pole to merit a gift? Or are you too low?

* Prince of Petworth guest poster Eric Nuzum offers up recipes for drinks inspired by the Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, Mount Pleasant, and Petworth neighborhoods. They all look gross, but “The Mount Pleasant” might make you a bit sick to your stomach for other reasons:

“The Mount Pleasant”
1 oz 100 proof Cinnamon Schnapps
Dash of pepper
Dash of Tabasco sauce
1 book of matches
Mix shot. Light match. Drink shot. Extinguish match on tongue.

* In related news, mark your calendars for a Mt. Pleasant Fire Victims Benefit Concert at La Casa, featuring seven local bands (including Wild Fictions and Ra Ra Rasputin), one week from today [via BYT].