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Dos grande selecciones por Ocho Cinco? Ojala!*

So despite the Redskins owner’s recent claims to be a new man—- “I didn’t understand…the importance of the age of players. Now it’s easy for me, second-nature for me”—-it comes out during draft week that decisions are still being made by Dan Snyder Redux, hold the Redux. He’s trying to party like it’s 1999 all over again.

Over at Snyder’s Web site , news of the proposed trade for Chad Johnson, which could have meant Cincinnati gets the Skins next two first-round picks, was received about as well as the owner’s near-hiring of Jim Fassel as head coach. That is: Not well.

The moderators at the team’s official message board were up to their old tricks trying to keep the flock in the pen, using thread closings and banning posters—-and failing horribly. Considering it’s the offseason, the tumult makes for some bizarre and entertaining reading.

* Please excuse the pidgin Spanish