Just a word of thanks to the high-class Restaurant K and to the Wrecking Corporation of America (WCA).

They were the stars of the night, as a family member and myself ventured down to the corner of K Street and Connecticut Avenue NW last night to watch the demolition of an out-of-date office building. We arrived at about 10:00 pm and watched as a WCA machine cut into the exposed floors of the building. The contraption was like a pair of scissors affixed to a long cranelike arm, tearing into the concrete and steel of the building, creating loud debris showers. People stopped and gawked.

The action was in full view of Restaurant K, so said family member and I went in for a quick drink. The bartender was nice enough to treat family member with a complimentary cranberry juice.

A while after we reemerged, the star of the show came out. Or came down. It was a wrecking ball that the WCA crane lofted at least 50 feet above the building’s top floor. What a noise it made upon hitting its target! More falling and flying debris. Stuff was going in all directions, though we were at a safe remove, on the other side of K.

A foreman said that the activity will be going on for several more weeks, so get down there. But take into account that the wrecking ball doesn’t start wrecking until late at night, since it disrupts traffic.