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Everyone’s talking about the Redskins’ draft choices. And, I gotta say: It’s the most idle, worthless talk of the entire sporting year, as is the talk about the NBA draft, and the NHL, and the CFL, and Bob Highfill’s fantasy league.

That’s because no one has clue No. 1 whether any of these instamillionaires will make any contribution on the gridiron come September, or the following one, or the one after that. So don’t waste your time reading draft reviews and checking out the latest from Mel “Best Job in the World” Kiper.

Instead, try perhaps this ho-hum piece on the Obama-Clinton death match.

Or this piece on why you’re not the only one who’s tired of this primary.

Looking for a break from politics? Try this DCist post on munchies.

And here’s something from the Examiner about a show with way too many commercials.