Hey, D.C.ers, get ready for all those people walking around town in pink garb. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer blankets the streets this Saturday and Sunday.

And according to the walk’s organizers, “award-winning actress” Reese Witherspoon will be “on hand.”

Well, “on hand” is fine and all, but is she going to pound the pavement like those thousands of other die-harders whose devotion to the cause gets measured in miles? I mean, think about it: Walkers get a choice of walking a marathon (26.2 miles) or a marathon and a half (39.3) over the course of a weekend.

According to a press release, however, Witherspoon will “support walkers at points along Sunday’s route.”

Hell, even I’ve done that in years past. Yeah, go get’em, I’ve yelled to various walkers in years past.

So what does Witherspoon got that I don’t?