Naked people on bikes! Who doesn’t love that? Well, I guess anyone who doesn’t like to see how the business end of a saddle reacts with riders’ nether regions, but other than those freaks, EVERYONE!

Yes, it’s time for the third World Naked Bike Ride DC, an event on June 7 that protests car culture and dependency on foreign oil. Because nothing changes Americans’ hearts and minds like people getting bouncy-bouncy on their Bianchis.

If you’re the type of person who would normally participate in a naked biking protest but frets that a public-indecency arrest might affect your security clearance, the Web site advises wearing “a flesh colored sack or G-string.” You might want to order yours now: Excitement for this event is building, and who knows how much you’ll have to pay for your techno-merkin if you put this purchase off till the day of.

One last thing, folks: sunscreen.

Photo of the 2007 Portland, Ore. World Naked Bike Ride by