Last week, AOL News commented on the softly blooming romance between pixieish Blockbuster Entertainment Award-nominated Natalie Portman and psych folker Devendra Banhart, calling them an “odd couple.” Let’s skip the factual errors (Banhart wasn’t born in Venezuela) and the questionable sources (AOL gets much of its content from a Defamer joke) and skip on to AOL’s photo spread featuring 25 celebrity odd couples, past and present.

Okay, the branding of Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson as “odd” I will accept. Amber Tamblyn and David Cross: Fine. Eric Mabius and Ivy Sherman I have never heard of, but they seem happy. For some of these couples, I’m not even sure who’s supposed to be the weird one. Neither Josh Kelley nor Katherine Heigl seem odd, nor do they, together, make an “odd couple.” That’s odd.

But in the case of Matt Damon and wife Luciana Barroso, AOL News, you have gone too far. I, for one, think they are just lovely together! And who are you, photo aggregator, to decide what, in fact, is “odd”? It appears, AOL, that the integrity of your lighthearted celebrity photo extras has been threatened.