* The Post has the update about yesterday’s shooting at the Excel Institute. The shooter, identified as 27-year-old Wesley Johnson, shot two people and injured another with a car (he stole two). All are expected to survive. The motivation behind the shootings is unclear.

* Check out local writer Holly Jones’ March update in her Dispatches from the Anacostia series, which follows District youth in the Earth Conservation Corps Program. [via McSweeney’s]

*Earn Prince of Petworth bragging rights—-and a t-shirt!—-by entering PoP’s new logo design contest. Prince of Petworth makes t-shirts?

* Intangible Arts wonders about the new Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza that opened up on 14th & Irving earlier this week. Namely, what’s “New Haven-style” apizza? And, while we’re at it—-what’s “apizza”?

* Tonight, hear Mount Pleasant—-and help out fire victims—-at the Mt. Pleasant Fire Victims Benefit Concert at La Casa. The line-up of seven local bands includesWild Fictions, The Coats, and Ra Ra Rasputin [via BYT].

* I’ve just stumbled across this 2005 list of awesome weatherman names via The Morning News. Weatherman name lister Clay Risen (ever think of going into meteorology, Clay?) places WUSA’s own Topper Shutt at No. 3, but first prize rightly goes to Atlanta’s Flip Spiceland. Writes Risen:

If Flip Spiceland is a made-up name, then the Atlanta area’s leading weatherman deserves a Nobel. Had Faulkner invented a character named Flip Spiceland, he would have put down his pen, lit a cigarette, and said, “There, I’m done. All my genius exists in that single name.” But he didn’t, and so we have Flem Snopes instead. Fortunately, we also have Flip Spiceland, bearer of the best weatherman name ever.