DCist marks the one year anniversary of the fire that gutted much of Eastern Market. Apparently, the renovation project will be finished months and months behind the promised deadline of January 2009. So what’s stalling this project? The blogger notes several important issues and does a good job illuminating them. One biggie: Interest has faded.

Some of this can be attributed to the simple fact that we all just move on to the next big news story: the fight over the school closings, Banita Jacks, a crime spike, Sean Taylor, Nationals Park opening, the Mount Pleasant fire, etc.

But I also think that maybe—-just maybe—-people don’t really care about Eastern Market. Every other neighborhood seems to have a farmer’s market. And some of them are better—and actually sell local produce from local farmers—than the Cap. Hill mothership. If you can pick out a good cut of lamb or a tasty apple a few blocks from your front stoop, why bother with Eastern Market? Before the fire, Eastern Market was the place you took your parents.

So there are delays. And still, no one has figured out the actual cause of the fire.