For the second year in a row, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has proved himself faster than the city’s premier alt-weekly local-politics columnist.

This morning, congressional/bureaucratic/judicial/media types gathered at Anacostia Park for the yearly Capital Challenge three-mile race, a fundraiser benefiting the D.C. Special Olympics. Fenty, a special guest participant, finished the race in approximately 18 minutes flat (official results haven’t been posted yet, and since Fenty was a VIP entrant, his time won’t be posted anyway). LL came in at about 21:50.

That’s a pretty good improvement for Fenty, who was in the 18:40s last year, good enough to beat the previous LL’s 20:14. (Fenty’s improvement, though, wasn’t as stark as the current LL’s, who ran a 26:38 last year.)

Other great accomplishment for Fenty: He beat LL’s boss this year. Last year, Mr. Fuego y Frio turned in an 18:35; this year, he was in the low 18:20s. Not good enough to beat Hizzoner this time around.

And Fenty can rest assured knowing his rep precedes him—-overheard several times among skinny cross-country types gabbing shortly after the race: “I can’t believe you beat Fenty!”

PS: Apologies to Dave Namamura Nakamura for stealing your shtick here.