News for your mood:


*Happy: Some Cinco de Mayo activities are starting before May 5, according to Washingtonian magazine’s website.

*Happier: Salt lovers rejoice! Enough with the fussing about sodium intake, says an article in Esquire.

*Happiest: A dog in a scuba suit. Baby ducks. A five week old male lion. You win Washington Post, you win. : this will make the people happy.


*Sad: Zoe Cruz, “one of the most powerful and highest-paid women—people—in finance,” thought she would be the first female CEO of a Wall Street firm. Then, she was fired. New York magazine has the story.

*Sadder: “At least 41 children seized from a polygamist ranch in West Texas in April have had broken bones, and some young boys may have been sexually abused, Texas officials said Wednesday,” according to the New York Times.

*Saddest: Hands down, this New Yorker story about Moldovan women trafficked in international prostitution rings.