The Post reports today that the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced that investigators have found no wrongdoing by D.C. police officers in the DeOnte Rawlings case. Rawlings was shot to death on September 17. The two officers—James Haskel and Anthony Clay—went out looking for a stolen minibike and allegedly came upon Rawlings and the bike along the 600 block of Atlantic Street SE. The officers were fired upon and a chase ensued. Rawlings, 14, was shot to death.

Federal prosecutors still have not yet answered a number of questions stemming from the case.

*How did Rawlings come to be shot in the back of the head?

*What about the bruises found on Rawlings body?

*Why did the officers not identify themselves right away? The two claim there wasn’t enough time.

*Did Rawlings in fact shoot at the two officers?

Investigators in the case still do not have the gun used against the officers. Maybe more of the facts will come out in the Rawlings’ family lawsuit.