Here was little Debbie in happier times, from the alumni listserv of Charleroi High (Class of ’74) in North Charleroi, Pa., an exurb of Pittsburgh off the I-70 corridor:

PALFREY, Deborah J.(Jeane)
803 Capitol Street
Vallejo, CA 94590

PHONE: 707-648-1000
FAX: 707-648-1000

Have lived in California, for the past 20 years. Self-employed, design/import(furniture/interiors). MBA in international business. Always threatening to go back to law school. Have supported the National Innocence Project (New York), California Innocence and now, LAEP/Life After Exoneration Program (Berkeley based grass root’s organization), since the late 90’s. Never could stomache injustice- social or otherwise. At current pace, most likely will be slugging it out in the California prisons/courts in my 60’s and 70’s. A good way though to take my final curtain call. Hobbies include travel(international, whenever possible), non-fiction, cooking (had to quit “Cookbook of the Month” Club when I ran out of shelf space), all of PBS and the Amazing Race (looking for a partner willing to jump out of planes). (Updated 8/6/05)