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At the budget markup for the D.C. Council’s committee on economic development, chair Kwame R. Brown is proposing to take the responsibility for RFK Stadium away from the Sports and Entertainment Commission, which has operated the stadium in its various forms for 45 years, and will give it to the city’s Office of Property Management.


UPDATE, 3:20 P.M.: Brown has he’s frustrated with his inability to get reliable financial info from the SEC. “It’s almost like trying to get information from the White House right now.” Carol Schwartz, who oversees the OPM budget in her own committee, wants a guarantee that the stadium money will move over. “Show me the money!” she says. Marion Barry is opposing; Jack Evans is looking extremely exasperated, as is SEC honcho Bill Hall, who is sitting in the chamber.

UPDATE, 3:35 P.M.: Brown’s maneuver fails. He agrees to strip the RFK transfer from the committee’s report, pending clarification on how to move the money to OPM.