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As part of the fifth-anniversary celebration of the White House’s hanging of the “Mission Accomplished” banner, the Washington Post has re-posted an editorial about the event from May 4, 2003 headlined “An Unfinished Mission.”

This editorial sort of takes the administration to task for something. I think.

A clearer picture of the Post editorial board’s feelings for the president and his victory celebration back in the day, however, comes in a piece printed a week later than the one just reposted. In the second editorial, titled “Misfiring at Top Gun,” the paper attacked critics of the Mission Accomplished festivities for their “churlish and petty complaints.”

“[A] president who wins a war — whether you agreed with that war or not — pretty much gets to greet returning troops wherever he wants,” said the editorial.

And: “Their real gripe with Mr. Bush is that he looked great.”

Fab stuff. Perhaps “Misfiring at Top Gun” will be reprinted next year on this date.

In any case: Happy Mission Accomplished Day!