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In the culmination of a nearly four-month, sometimes controversial, and always confusing process, the D.C. Democratic State Committee last night selected the last three members of the District’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention in August. Councilmembers Muriel Bowser of Ward 4 and Jack Evans of Ward 2 both earned voting slots, as did Ward 1 lawyer and fundraiser Jim Hudson. Political strategist Tom Lindenfeld, a Ward 4 resident, was voted in as an alternate.

The slots filled last night were all “pledged” slots, which could only be filled by candidates who had filed papers pledging their support to a particular candidate. Three of the four slots were pledged to Barack Obama, based on the results of the District’s primary vote. Only the seat Evans won was pledged to Hillary Clinton. The Clinton seat was also the only one that drew a contested vote; folks who had signed up to challenge Bowser, Hudson, and Lindenfeld all withdrew their names before the vote.

Evans’ competition was Franklin Garcia, a committee member and technology consultant. His speech to his fellow members before the vote—-which, according to witnesses (it happened before LL arrived), focused an awful lot on what a great candidate Obama is—-failed to win him the Clinton slot: He lost 52-6.

Other than that, the drama was minor. There was a bit of uproar when Lindenfeld, a guy who has tended to stay behind the scenes over the years, stood for election by acclamation; one member declined to get with the program, saying “That’s unfair….I don’t know who the hell he is!” She was drowned out when the time to vote arrived.

Also there was an attempted solution to the Case of the Missing Ballots from the prior month’s meeting. Committee member John Capozzi put forth a motion that would have each committee member rise and tell their votes for the at-large unpledged delegates to the crowd; it would also require the state committee to keep ballots for at least 21 says after the vote. A vote on the motion was postponed to next month.

The full list of delegates is after the jump.

Pledged Delegates

Sandra C. Allen (Clinton) Pauline E. Chapman (Obama) Jerry Clark (Obama) Maria P. Corrales (Obama) Kierra Johnson (Obama) Keshini Ladduwhetty (Obama alternate) Cynthia Kain (Obama) Eugene D. Kinlow (Obama) Anthony Muhammad (Obama) Peter D. Rosenstein (Clinton) Betty L. Smalls (Obama alternate) Juan Manuel Thompson (Obama alternate) Darryl Wiggins (Obama)

Party Leaders/Elected Officials Kwame Brown (Obama) Vincent C. Gray (Obama)

At-Large Muriel Bowser (Obama) Jack Evans (Clinton) Jim Hudson (Obama) Tom Lindenfeld (Obama alternate)


Unpledged Delegates (Superdelegates)

U.S. Congress Michael D. Brown (Obama) Eleanor Holmes Norton (Obama) Paul Strauss (Obama)

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (Obama)

Elected DNC Members Anita Bonds (undecided) Marilyn T. Brown (Clinton) Arrington Dixon (Obama) Jeff Richardson (Obama)

Appointed DNC Members Donna Brazile (undecided) Anna Burger (Obama) Mary Eva Candon (Clinton) Yolanda Caraway (Clinton) Larry Cohen (undecided) Hartina Flournoy (Clinton) Harold Ickes (Clinton) Ben Johnson (Clinton) Eric Kleinfeld (Clinton) Mona G. Mohib (Clinton) Minyon Moore (Clinton) Elizabeth M. Smith (Clinton) Christine Warnke (undecided) James J. Zogby (Obama)

At-Large Unpledged Yvette Alexander (Obama) Harry Thomas, Jr. (Obama)

In addition to the voting delegates, another 10 members of the delegation will be announced on Monday, according to state committee spokesperson David Meadows. Those folks, though not voting on the presidential nomination, will be serving on various DNC committees at the convention.