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*Good smackdown of Chelsea Clinton in Sunday’s Washington Post. The piece, by Postie Ian Shapira, asks whether the 28-year-old Chelsea represents the attitude and morays of her generation. Answer: No! She’s stiff, scared, and monotonic. Shapira asked Chelsea’s handlers to comment for the piece and got this response, which is absolutely classic: “This isn’t the time or place. This is the time to talk about her mother’s views.” Hate that. Just abhorrent.

*Longtime poverty reporter Alex Kotlowitz pens a long piece in the New York Times Magazine about the concept of a “violence interrupter,” a person who stops violence at its source. It’s a breakthrough of sorts that treats urban gang violence like a disease.

*Washington Times fronts an AP piece on the kerfuffle over HRC’s comment about how she’d “obliterate” Iran given the proper circumstances. Here, another AP story on how cancer survivors believe in humor.

*DCist lights up with comments on the most significant cultural event of the year in D.C.

*Hey, D.C. Education blog—thanks for catching up on the Excel Institute story.