OK, so I support the street-sweeping program. Think it’s a big part of the urban compact. Everyone sacrifices convenience, in the form of alternate-side parking, for the sake of a greater good, which is less debris, fewer rat carcasses, hence lower chances of hantavirus, and so on.

But one thing definitely has to happen: The street sweeper actually has to show up.

Well, that didn’t happen this morning, at least not on the 1400 block of Q Street NW, where this insane blogger happens to reside and staycation.

DPW, I want you to know that I busted my ass last night to make sure that I complied with the alternate-side requirements. I made at least four forays out of my house to see if there were any spots on the proper side. Finally, after a Studio play dumped out and some churchgoers finally got tired of spending a beautiful day inside beautiful sanctuaries, some spots appeared, and I pounced.

And for nothing. I don’t want apologies or excuses, street-sweeping team, just clean streets.