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TPM questions Hillary’s sanity.

Renewshaw celebrates the opening of Corduroy: After digging the decor, they write: “Now on to the food. One word: delicious. Everyone at our table was basically licking each of their plates from start to finish.” We have our own post on the restaurant where we point out: the trendy spot is not handicapped accessible. Oh, we are such downers!

Penn Quarter Living notes that a creation of a new voting precinct is up for review on May 7. Here’s the reason for the possible new voting precinct: “With an influx of residents into the Mount Vernon Triangle and the lower and eastern part of the Penn Quarter, there have been calls for another voting precinct to be carved out of Ward 6 with an accompanying PQ voting location. Right now, PQ Ward 6ers have to trek over to Capitol Hill to vote.”

In Shaw finds the opposite of gentrification in….Florida.

Wonkette reviews the latest Obama ad and declares the candidate sucks at fighting. This leads to one priceless comment: “Why don’t they just show thirty seconds of kittens tussling in a basket full of yarn balls, then say that Barack Obama approves of these kittens? Same tone and damn near same message.” But Obama has Hanks!

And Obama has an early ’90s indie band ending its hiatus to rally for him! Just watch:

I actually got chills watching this. Maybe it was the fact that Superchunk played “Throwing Things.” I am so old.

The Grounds Crew checks out the MillerLite Beer Pen at Nationals Park.

Your morning wake-up song: Ponytail‘s “Beg Waves” from its upcoming Ice Cream Spiritual. One of the best live bands going. Another great band from Baltimore. (Thank you Said the Gramophone).