Every Monday my colleague Andrew Beaujon does something to crush my soul a little: He writes up a listing of the most popular City Desk posts of the previous week. I rarely make the cut. That’s my own damn fault, of course—-writing about things like City Paper’s general awfulness at softball and authors striking deals with luxury carmakers is pretty niche. But I think I’ve cracked the code here: The blog Journalistopia is linking today to Jake Luciani‘s efforts to locate the best time to send out a blog post. He’s deduced that “Tues – Friday between 10am – 2pm PST” is the best time to unleash a blog post upon the world.

“I do think it’s clear posting late at night or on the weekends + monday is a bad idea,” Luciani adds. “Your post will most likley [sic] go unnoticed.” I don’t think anybody running a media blog can afford to take Mondays off. But it is true that Beaujon’s Monday posts of the most popular blog posts have never made his weekly list of the most popular blog posts.