Dan Snyder’s wheezing theme park chain, Six Flags, has announced the lineup for its 2008 summer concert series.

There ain’t a Jonas Brothers in the bunch this year, but the biggest name is Good Charlotte, the Punk for Dummies act from nearby Waldorf, Md.

While their music, tattoos and makeup don’t set them apart, their offstage antics keep the Madden Brothers in the tabloids. Anybody who’s been in a grocery store checkout line knows that one Madden fertilized a Nicole Richie egg and the other is among Paris Hilton’s latest, um, true loves.

But the most interesting band for locals in the Six Flags roster is the Newsboys, a faded Christian rock act out of Tennessee.

Like the Maddens, it ain’t the music that keeps these ‘Boys interesting: The Newsboys record for InPop Records, a goody-two-shoes Nashville label that is quietly owned by goody-two-shoes ex-Redskins QB Mark Brunell.

Perhaps giving the Newsboys work is Snyder’s way of apologizing to Brunell for putting him out of it in March. In any case, it’s a good bet there will be zero overlap between the Good Charlotte and Newsboys crowds.

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