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Yesterday, news broke that a D.C. Police Department official had his police powers revoked. Third District Capt. Melvin Gresham has been removed from his official duties pending the outcome of a now long-running investigation into his conduct over a car accident.

Apparently, in November, Gresham got into an accident with a Metro bus. He then ordered one of his subordinates to alter the accident report.

Here’s what WTOP reported:

“WTOP has learned Capt. Melvin Gresham from the Third District Police station in Northwest was involved in an accident with a Metro bus while driving his department vehicle. Gresham told a subordinate officer, who responded to the accident, to change a police report to indicate the Metro bus driver was at fault.”

Lt. Michael Smith was on the scene that day. He says that he has since cooperated with the investigation. Since the investigation is pending, he refused to reveal any details of what he told investigators.

Smith says the investigation has stressed him out. He adds that he has gained 30 pounds as a result of the incident.

Was he surprised that Gresham was removed? “I wasn’t surprised at all,” Smith says. “To tell you the truth, that’s why I was so stressed out. I knew that it was going to be serious.”

A police official, who is familiar with Gresham’s conduct overall, says the captain has long targeted other cops with flimsy misconduct charges. “He targeted people,” says the officer, who requested anonymity. “I think he was just not a fair person.”

Do you trust Gresham? “No. Absolutely not,” the officer says.

For now police officials are busy offering up a lot of no comments. Gresham did not answer his cell phone when we called this afternoon. There’s more to the captain’s saga. Stay tuned.

Gresham isn’t the only Third District official who has fallen under scrutiny. We wrote about another captain’s issues a while back.