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*The North Carolina and Indiana democratic primaries took place yesterday. No doubt, results, colorful charts, and things of that nature are covering the front page of the New York Times website today.

*Alas the situation is looking reeeeeeallly bleak for Hillary Clinton, according to Slate.

*Perhaps, it’s time to concede the win and visit Charlottesville for some rest and rejuvenation, not to mention some great food there: “sushi worthy of Nobu in New York (the chef, Bryan Emperor, trained there), rustic but transcendent tapas, plus all the other things a great food town requires: standout bread, real espresso, artisan chocolate and locally brewed beer.” Yes, nothing but a “rustic but transcendent tapa” to get over your bowing out blues. The story’s in the Washington Post.

*But let’s not forget that Hillary isn’t the only empowered blondie out there getting a lot of attention. Barbara Walters, promoting her new book, is EVERYWHERE. Just look here, here, and in the newest Vanity Fair for proof.

*Michelle Rhee is also making quite a few public appearances for her job, according to the Washington Post. Unfortunately, her presence (and discussion about her decision to close so many schools) is engendering D.C. to Baghdad comparisons: “This is like the war in Iraq. Let’s invade, but we have no plan for the occupation.”