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In March, Show & Tell invited readers to determine the future of the start-up Capitol Letters Writing Center in a Choose Your Own Adventure-style take on the creative writing nonprofit. Now, Capitol Letters seems to be determining its own future just fine, thank you very much: Last month, the group secured nonprofit status and started holding some initial writing workshops at local schools. And there’s more!

On Saturday, May 10, local Guggenheim Fellowship winner and New Yorker “fuck” barrier breaker Matt Klam—-along with William Bert and Grace Wang—-will hold a workshop for the public at Cafe Collage (1346 T St. NW). The workshop, titled “How to Create a Memorable Character,” is being held in conjunction with this weekend’s Learn-A-Palooza. The workshop kicks off at 4 p.m.

If you prefer to support local nonprofits by boozin’ instead of book learnin’, hold tight for the group’s mixer on Tuesday, May 13th, at the Looking Glass Lounge.

Photo by nietsdoener.