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I missed the least sexy holiday of they year somehow. Yesterday was the National Day to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Cristina Page at the Huffington Post did some data hunting on NARAL’s website and came up with the conclusion that kids in pro-life states get laid more often than kids in pro-choice states. They start doin’ it younger, and do it with more people too. Her assumption is that pro-life states are more likely to be places where schools and parents teach abstinence and cover their kids’ eyes when Bugs Bunny dresses like a lady. Of course, the causal relationship between the laws in those states and the horny tykes behavior behind the bleachers isn’t really drawn by the available data. The point is, pro-lifers aren’t having much luck with this whole abstinence campaign.

That said, I started to feel a little nervous today listening to NPR’s report on how women are waiting too long to have babies. If only I’d grown up in Wisconsin.