I tried Marvelous Market’s Salty Oat Cookie today, and I was disappointed. It looked like it had plenty of salt, but I didn’t taste any until my last bite. Last bite! This has not been a problem with numerous samples of Teaism‘s mother-of-all-Salty Oat cookies.

Speaking of which, am I nuts or is this Washingtonian writer totally aping Carman’s style when she describes Teaism’s cookie thusly: “Teaism’s salty oat cookies, those hefty golden-brown rounds packed with oats and plump raisins and sprinkled with sea salt, have garnered something of a cult following around Washington”?

Like my patented exclamation-point lede, the noun-comma-/these/ or /those/-description construction is pure Carman (e.g., “Pupusas, those cornmeal crepes filled with cheese or meat…”). But if you have to bite something, better Carman’s writing than a Salty Oat Cookie from Marvelous Market.

Photo of Teaism’s Salty Oat Cookie by theumamiking