Americans are still paranoid about seeming pink. The fine arts commission threatens to veto planned statue of MLK because it looks too confrontational, like Social Realist art from totalitarian Communist regimes. Puh-leeze.

I’m calling bullshit on this out of the gate. White House “study” links teen marijuana smoking to the risk of mental illness later in life. Wah? Any evidence that marijuana actually causes mental illness? How about a study showing that kids who listen to Nick Drake are more likely to suffer from moodiness? Or write crappy love notes? Zero skepticism from the Post.

An example of what sounds like Munchausen by proxy in Frederick, Md. The local paper also has a whodunit main story on several garden gnomes that appeared in front of downtown businesses yesterday.

And Now, Anacostia updates the Salvation Army construction. The assessment: “this is turning into somewhat of a hodge-podge monstrosity.”

Artomatic starts tonight.

Obama’s starting to assume a win.