Joanne Chen recently published The Taste of Sweet: Our Complicated Love Affair With Our Favorite Treats, in which she explores all things related to the sweet tooth. While I have not read this book (yet, Ms. Chen, yet), I did read an interview with the author where the topic of super-tasters and non-tasters came up. Super-taster? Chen explains that super-tasters have more taste buds. Who wouldn’t want to be a super-taster? Fortunately, Chen has designed a quick test so you can find out if you are a super-taster, a medium-taster, or, shudder, a non-taster. I took this test with much anxiety, terrified for the answer. Alas, I am not a super-taster. I fall somewhere between a medium- and non-taster. OK, I’m mostly a non-taster. Drat! But you know what? According to this little quiz, a super-taster’s life is a martini-less life. It’s a one-glass-of-wine-at-dinner life. It’s a vanilla-frozen-yogurt life. It’s a chicken life. I’ll keep my non-tasting tongue, thank you very much. Non-tasters unite! I’ll meet you at the bar.