*Here’s an unsurprising yet outrage-provoking story: WaPo goes deep on the health care received by detained immigrants. The story exhaustively documents subpar care given to these folks, and as I started reading through the examples cited by the story—that of one Yusif Osman, that of one Francisco Castaneda—I had an inkling of the sort of outrage this investigation would produce.

And there it is, in the first entry in the comment space:

Well if these people wouldn’t sneak across their borders this wouldn’t happen to them. I really can’t feel sorry for any of them. The problem is that we do not deport them fast enough — lawyers drag their cases on and on in hopes of finding an excuse to let their clients stay. We need to deport ALL of these people within 48-96 hours of detention instead of letting them stay for days, months and years as a result of lawyers contiually suing and demanding reconsideration of their cases. These lawyers do more harm than good.

This is just another WAPO story about “poor” illegal immigrants — part of a move for asylum for these illegals. I am sorry I am not moved — except to anger that we can’t deport them faster.


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