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There is one clear benefit to Hillary Clinton dropping out of the Democratic Primary race: We won’t have to see/hear/watch Terry McAuliffe anymore.

He’s become Hillary’s master hype man. Before and after every primary, he pops up on TV to scrub facts, chase away scary numbers, and airbrush Hillary’s latest gaffs. While he hasn’t quite earned any Swift Boat merit badges, he knows how to bullshit better than anyone else.

The man has probably been on TV a billion times since last fall. So it’s understandable if the man has started running out of things to say. As his performance yesterday on “Meet the Press” proved, McAuliffe has finally hit a wall.

McAuliffe argued that Michigan should be counted because, well, Obama chose to take his name off the ballot. So why hurt Hillary for what was clearly Obama’s decision? And then he went on to evoke the Buffalo Bills—-a Russert obsession—-and compared the team to Hillary’s chances for the nomination. Not a good move:

“OK, but well, I’ll just say it’s not impossible. Did you count the Buffalo Bills out in 1993 when the Houston Oilers were beating them by 32 points in the third quarter?,” McAuliffe asked.

And then later, McAuliffe moves on to declare that Russert’s father would basically want Hillary to continue.

“But it’s not impossible for Hillary Clinton to win. A lot of people have said that. Big Russ, if he were sitting here today, nothing’s impossible. Jack McAuliffe, if he were with us today, they both—they’re probably both in heaven right now, Tim, probably having a scotch, looking down and saying, you know what, this fight goes on. It’s good for the Democratic Party. Millions of people coming out to vote. It’s exciting.”

I know Hillary does well with seniors. But this is ridiculous. Now she has the dead people vote? What’s next? Will we see ads with a CGI-enhanced John Lennon endorsing Hillary?