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The Alphabetical Order, District four-piece and subject of CP’s very first What’s Your Problem? feature, has decided to split up. The reason? Their problem—inability to hold on to a drummer—-proved unsolvable. “Remember when you wrote that story on us way back, about how we couldn’t keep a drummer?” writes Order guitarist Gavin Dunaway in an e-mail. “Another one quit, and we just didn’t have the energy to train another person.”

My god—-could this be the beginning of a rash of What’s Your Problem?-related artistic mishaps, in which the local artists featured in the column are systematically ruined by order of publication date? Only time will tell. Watch out Dan Amitai, Ivan Khilko, and Adrian Parsons—-your dubstep happy hour could be next. (My money’s on the 9/11 theorists).

While we’re waiting to see if the theory pans out, catch the Dismantling of The Alphabetical Order this Saturday at IOTA. Or, send me your own problems (artistic only, please) at problem@washingtoncitypaper.com.