I am a big fan of red wine. Such a big fan, that I often opt for wine at dive bars. It’s a bad sign when the bartender has to go hunting for the bottle. Even worse if said hard-to-find bottle is already open. I do know the difference between good red wine and bad, it’s just a weird, personal preference. Anyway, I’ve recently discovered a cocktail that can dress up even the worst house red: the Calimocho or Kalimotxo.

It’s a Spanish concoction made of equal parts red wine and Coca Cola. Sometimes it comes in plastic bags. I like my Calimochos in tall glasses with lots of ice. I’ll admit the drink’s flavor is distinct—something like a very acidic cherry cola—and some people find even the smell offensive. But don’t diss it out of deference to the wine. Just think of all the champagne cocktails that bastardize decent bubbly with soda and juice.

I even like Calimochos made with Coke Zero, but obviously, I have weird taste.