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Deborah Heard, top editor of WaPo’s Style section, has decided to accept the paper’s early-retirement package. Here is a note she sent to her staff on Monday:

Good morning. I finally made a decision; yes, I’m taking the buyout. The money was just too tempting. So was the idea of a new adventure. (One of the first things I did during my vacation was renewing my passport!) I’ll be here until the end of the year so I’ll make the magical “rule of 80” and can also help with a transition for the next person fortunate enough to have this amazing job.

The “rule of 80” references one of the great aspects of the Post buyout plan. Here’s how it was explained in a Post Co. memo: “an employee whose age plus service totals 80 (after adding five years) can retire with 100% of his/her normal retirement benefit without having it reduced by early retirement factors.”

Absolutely no word yet on who might replace Heard.