* Via WTOP: D.C. ranks fifth on the national road rage scale. But rejoice! The District is still the “No. 1 place for drivers to slam on their brakes at the last possible second.”

* Item! Reliable Source keeps the snoozy Jenna Bush wedding deets coming: H.W. in seersucker! Housekeeper’s granddaughter-turned-flower girl! Ask Argetsinger and Roberts: “Think we can close the book on this wedding now?” Yes.

* For those who missed last weekend’s avant-alterna-mud fest, check out BYT‘s Radiohead photoset.

* Prince of Petworth, pushing the boundaries of his “[item] of the [amount of time]” formula, posts a new Tattoo of the Week. File this one under “Obscure Reference of the Week”: “He mentioned it had something to do with Richard Pryor. Does that ring a bell with anyone?”

* Vice Magazine combines two fan favorites, cats and outfits, in this special feature on cats in outfits (complete with a positively haunting series of feline photographs). An interview with cat tailor Takako Iwase yields many gems, including this one:

Cats love to be complimented. You can’t be half-assed about it either. Yov’ve got to be like, “OH MY GOD, you are so CUTE, you’re the best cat EVER!!” and they will actually feel it and feel better about wearing the clothes.

* Oh, just put it all off and check out Slate‘s procrastination issue.

Photo by Ralph Hockens.