An occasional series whereby Jule admits she is not Julia. Or Joy.

Let’s say you’re not as attractive as you’d like to be. Or maybe you fucked up at work. You forgot to call your mom on Mother’s Day, that experiment with chicken turned into a congealed and taseteless lump, you killed the plants. One way to feel accomplished is to make cookies.

And so I bring you Red Velvet Black & White Cookies. I waxed on about these before and about my crush on Joy the Baker. Have you read her blog yet? If not, stop reading this one and get on over there. Or go to Ewa’s, who made Joy’s incredibly yummy and small-child-sized Lemon Whoopie Pies.

So, anyway, I had been contemplating the coming out party (from my oven) of these colorful cookies for some time. And, you know, they did make me feel successful. Everyone who tried them liked them. Some even raved. Except me. I forgot that I don’t really like Black & White cookies. They’re too sweet. Cloying, even. A touch treacly. But if you are a died-in-the-wool New Yorker (where the Black & White is unassailable), or if you’ve visited there and came home thinking everything about the place is just so sparkly and perfect (honestly, people do think this), if you just love you some Black & White cookies, then you should give these a try.

The cookie itself is made from a wonderful batter—flavorful and very, very red, and very moist and soft. Better as a cupcake in my opinion. As for the glazes, my suggestion would be to cut down on the corn syrup in the vanilla glaze, add a little more vanilla and little more water than the recipe calls for. The chocolate glaze is pretty well perfect.

Here is the recipe, by way of Joy, by way of (oh, the horror) Rachael Ray.