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ThugArmyLife says, for one, he wouldn’t buy food, gas, or bandanas anywhere in D.C. from May 25 through May 31. The boycott planned for D.C. and NYC and promoted on the Thug Army Tupac-fansite is in protest of cops getting off for shooting 14-year-old DeOnte Rawlings in Southeast and 23-year-old Sean Bell in Queens on the morning of his wedding.

It’s being organized by Black Legacy, a student org at Lehman College in the Bronx. The reason this will work is: “Society has a responsitility to protect all its citizens, yet society consistenly turns its back when black men are killed by the police. Yet black dollars drive the American economy. It’s time to send a message with money—or lack thereof.”

The boycott week includes Memorial Day. Anyone think people will actually refrain from buying meats for the grill to save the next DeOnte?

T’helah Ben-Dan, co-president of Black Legacy, says that’s up in the air. “To be totally honest I’m not sure of the reaction in D.C., but I do know we’ve been doing a lot to spread the word,” Ben-Dan writes in an e-mail. “I recently got a message from DeOnte’s cousin, who works for an organization called PeaceOholics, and I forwarded information to her so she could help publicize the boycott.” Ben-Dan’s also blitzing PR and media types, who’ve yet to pick this up with any kind of fervor.

 photo by jlmaral