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Dan Snyder’s nauseous theme park chain, Six Flags, got lots of recognition this week.

Foremostly, in our continuing quest to become the clearinghouse of poop on Snyder’s non-Redskins doings, here comes another cataloguing of things that have gone wrong at Six Flags of late.

Not EVERYTHING that’s gone wrong, of course. There’s not enough time or trees to get all that in print.

But we weren’t the only ones pounding on Snyder’s parks. The stock touting website Motley Fool has just named Six Flags a recipient of its Olbermannesque honor, “The Worst Stocks in the World.”

And if Snyder’s losing the Motley Fool, well, smoke ’em if you got ’em. A regular contributor there named Rick Munarriz has been pumping up SIX since Snyder took over in late 2005.

To a business doofus such as myself, Munarriz’s continued shilling seemed bizarre and even immoral, since the share price keeps falling and can’t get up.

I once contacted Munarriz, who did not write the Worst Stocks in the World piece, and asked him why his pieces on SIX were so full of, well, bullishness.

He responded that he didn’t like me calling him a “stock tout,” and declined to explain the cheerleading.

Keep the dial right here for all the breaking news in Snyder’s Six Flags soap opera.