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Hey, WaPo‘s Outlook section on Sunday ran a piece by toe-sucker Dick Morris. The idea here was for Morris to give presumptive Republican nominee John McCain some unsolicited advice on winning the presidential campaign against Barack Obama.

Talk about surprising editorializing! Morris urged McCain to not worry too much about the far right, let the Rev. Wright speak for himself, and—this is the utterly shocking part—tack to the center! You don’t say, do you, Dick? You still believe in going up the middle? Amazing that anyone still listens to this guy.

*Politico fires up this piece on Elizabeth Edwards. No Clinton endorsement! Hold on—isn’t that something of a nonstory? I mean, who at this point would stick neck out to endorse Clinton?

*WaTi‘s Sean Lengell gives us the latest on Sen. Edward Kennedy’s status (Resting at hospital.)

Former Postie Sharon Waxman laments the buyouts at the Washington Post, saying that the paper has “jumped the shark.” This thought appears on Waxman’s very own blog, which features this terribly precious little note to readers:

Why this site?

Why indeed? It’s been over a year now that friends have been urging me to enter the new millenium.

But I’ve been delaying. I think: I already write for The New York Times. I am working on a new book. How much more do people really want to read? And how much more do I really have to say?

These questions remain unresolved. Personally, I’m still divided on the topic.