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Cherkis was in the Post this morning. That’s because of Reason No. 4,665 that I’m glad I live in Virginia:

Officer Ariel Mannes was investigated in 2003 for retaliating against City Paper reporter Jason Cherkis, according to an arbitration filing. In police trial board proceedings, he admitted using his position as an officer to access Cherkis’s personal records and posting the information on a law enforcement Web site. The board decided unanimously to fire Mannes that year, but the department took more than 55 days to notify him.

Lanier rehired him in November but then suspended him. The department is trying to dismiss him again because he was convicted of a weapons offense in the District during the time he was fired, records show.

Over at DCist, some charmers have taken the opportunity of the mention of Cherkis’ name to zing him: “the douchiest City Paper reporter there” grumbles one; “I wonder if Cherkis is pooping in his nappies at the thought that this cop is back on the street with a badge and a gun again?” offers another wag. I tell you, it’s a regular Festival d’Avignon in there!

For the record, here’s the 2002 story that landed Cherkis on Mannes’ to-do list. Cherkis denies any nappy-pooping, incidentally. “No…I was at the beach,” he says. “So—-no pants.” Haters, please enjoy the mental image.