Recently an acqaintance shared with me a theory that if you’ve had a good idea, most likely 100,000 other people have had the same idea. The trick, he said, was getting your good idea to market. He’s one of the co-founders of Audible, so I figure his theory is worth pondering.

A couple of months ago, my sister was diagnosed with celiac disease. People with it can’t process gluten and are thus condemned to order many T-shirts celebrating this fact. Our much-missed former art director Pete Morelewicz was similarly afflicted and was always strutting around the office in some shirt or another that alerted folks to his wonky digestive system. After my sister’s diagnosis, I thought about Pete’s shirts and thought it would be funny to make a shirt that said “WHEAT IS MURDER.” I have no idea how exactly many other people had the idea, but there are a few at least. Drat! I thought, and went back to pursuing personal agendas and covering up scandals.

ANYWAY, last night I was at Nationals Park, where at least the pretzels were interesting. Noah’s Pretzels, a local company that has a stand in Nationals Park, sells both gluten-free pretzels and gluten-free beer. Apparently one of the founders has a child with autism, and autistic kids are often sensitive to gluten. Who knew? And also, now I’m glad that my sister has an enticement to come out to the ballgame with me, though perhaps gluten-free pretzels might not be enough.