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With coworker William Atwood Mitchell safely ensconced in the woods of southern Virginia, I find myself the interim chronicler of flailing attempts by the white & wizened columnists at the New York Times to hippen theyselves by synthesizing the pop lexicon.

Today: Roger Cohen, who in his incisive piece on the “Obama Connection” (“Obama uses the internet!  How very 21st century!”) brandishes the following nugget of an analogy in describing the Clinton people:

They’ve been left like deer blinded by the Webcam lights of the Obama juggernaut.

Yes, it seems the days of mixed-trope expurgation have given way to a hypersaturated, superwebby, aggressively hip, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mentality…sort of like packing as many inane hyperlinks as possible into a blog post, just because you can.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Roger Cohen. His Latin America reporting was serious.  And he’s done some sweet stuff during this campaign.  But come on…does everybody gotta kowtow to the putative demands of an online public?

You know, Roger, we’re not all as hip as you might think….