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R.I.P. Sydney Pollack.

Penn Quarter Living climbs aboard the BoltBus trend. And discovers a block-long line to board the bus. We wrote about the new bus line back in March. But PQL has a photo (!) and endured the long line! Why travel to NYC when you could have witnessed Rolling Thunder? Honestly, those motorcycles don’t get old. Except when you are trying to get from Dupont Circle to Eastern Market (total time in the hot car: 1 hour). [I know, I should have taken Metro]. It was still fun to see all those Harleys. One more thing: DPW was out in force on Sunday towing cars near Barracks Row. So beware.

The Heights Life finds one of the best listserv posts ever.

Bloomingdale posts a letter from Harry Thomas Jr. inviting folks to a roundtable discussion tonight on the single sales of alcohol beverages. Frozen Tropics has the scoop on this event, too. Hey Councilmember, good luck. This is an oft-debated topic and one that will surely splinter into arguments over a) noise; b) panhandling; c) abandon properties; d) beer vs. wine vs. hard alcohol; e) neighborhood markets vs. neighborhood liquor stores. Here’s mine: If Giant can carry loose cans of Natural Light then why can’t the little guy?

And Now, Anacostia scoops everyone with this: HGTV and a cheesy-named organization were supposed to build a playground for the Bethel Christian Fellowship Child Development Center. Instead, at least for a while, the center just got playground parts. Worth a read. I wonder if the playground every got built.

Apples and Bananas reports that a new Thai restaurant is coming to Dupont Circle.

Your morning wake-up song: Joe Higgs’Life of Contradiction.” You can also find the MP3 by clicking here.