* Shake some Old Bay on this: The Post gives the Old Man and the Sea treatment to Chesapeake Bay crabmen in a story about fishin’ ‘n Jesus. “In some other industry, some other place, all this might drive a man to drink,” writes David A. Fahrenthold. “On Tangier, it drove Eskridge to the Old Testament.”

* Former White House press secretary reveals President Bush “relied on an aggressive ‘political propaganda campaign’ instead of the truth” to … Zzzzzzzzzz [via WTOP].

* Daily Campello Art News’ Lenny Campello is thinking about rolling out a new picture. Let him know what you think. Advises one commenter:

i like the idea of updating a dated a photo, but unless you are trying to toughen up your image with the kris kristofferson (sic) dui mug shot aesthetic, i would keep searching for a better picture.

* A City Paper letter to the editor (Maternal Flame, 5/21) has caused quite a stir in the go-go community. The letter was penned by the mother of the manager of a go-go group called T.E.M.P.O. (who, mama says, “really cranks”). Still with me? The mother has the following beef with Justin Moyer‘s One Track Mind on Mambo Sauce‘s “Welcome to D.C.”:

Mambo Sauce is CERTAINLY NOT the “original go-go band that plays only all original music.” This is false and a ploy they use all the time to try to boost their group . . . Mambo Sauce does not acknowledge T.E.M.P.O, who my son, Charles, manages, because they know that they are soon to make their debut and fear what could happen knowing full well what T.E.M.P.O is going to bring to the table.

The 12 pages of responses posted on a TMOTTGG thread range from amazement at T.E.M.P.O’s very own postage stamp to lamentation that “Sumbody mother ready fuck their image up.”

Photo by Erin MC Hammer.