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A new member has joined the Columbia Heights listserv in order to find out if anyone saw this guy last night:

I was driving north on 11th Street around 10:45, when suddenly there was a guy in the middle of the road (near the intersection with Euclid), flailing around. He was holding something in his hand that appeared to be smoking, and we watched as he threw at at a house. Turns out it was some sort of exploding firework, sparks, rockets, the whole nine yards. He saw us coming towards him, yelled, and ran at our car. As we passed, he pulled out another firework, and lit it and screamed at us. We got far enough away not to see what happened next. Did anybody else see this guy? Nobody else was on the street when we saw it. We called the police, but didn’t stick around for them to show up (as there was a crazy guy throwing fireworks nearby).

Any sightings?