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First their money achieved parity with ours. Then they shocked us with their violent love of sport. Now the Canadians have a scandal that is just SO MUCH BETTER than anything we’ve been able to cough out in ages, and I’m counting Foleygate here.

The New York Times story on l’affaire Bernier ran a couple days ago, but it’s about Canada, so I could well be the first person who’s read it. Basically, you’ve got this fellow with the somewhat ironic title minister of foreign affairs, Maxim Bernier, who resigned after admitting to leaving confidential docs in the house of his ex-girlfriend Julie Couillard. Pretty boring, eh? But wait! She was a biker moll! She’d lived with one Québecois bike gang honcho for three years and married another after the first guy was found dead in a ditch! Apparently Québecois biker gangs are serious bad news. Again, who knew?

She also wears low-cut dresses, which is a crime in Canada because it’s very cold there and you can quickly find out just HOW cold, if you know what I’m saying. I know you do!

The New York Observer blogged about an inscrutable froggy-pop-soundtracked video that purports to explain the scandal. That was a couple days ago, but not even Wonkette bothered writing about this one. Poor Canada. They totally outdo everyone with this scandal, and no one south of the 49th can be bothered to make fun of them for it.

Photo by Scott Kinmartin